Cloud in no time. Business in real time.

Hybrid infrastructure offers the flexibility to seamlessly pool resources across your business and centrally manage them from a single platform.

of businesses are concerned over migration of apps or data. 1
See more top migration challenges identified by Frost & Sullivan.
Accelerate your app deployment
Eliminate most capital costs and get to the cloud in minutes, not months, with CenturyLink Hybrid Infrastructure.

Cloud Network Storage

The CenturyLink Cloud Network Storage service supports flexible hosting of any type of file and is accessible for a variety of use cases.

Managed Hosting

CenturyLink??Managed Hosting delivers hosted IT services for businesses that need to efficiently respond to IT infrastructure demands.

Disaster Recovery

Our disaster recovery protects your on-premise and/or CenturyLink Cloud??data and production servers from downtime and data loss.

Regional Data Centers

CenturyLink operates more than 350 carrier-neutral data centers throughout the world – all with access to our global enterprise network

1 Frost and Sullivan: The Hybrid Cloud Landscape; Karyn Price, 2018
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